Loving Italian!
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About Us

Chris Victoria started out in Los Angeles as a dishwasher for a restaurant named Two Guys from Italy. He did every job given him, working his way up into management. His career path took him to Salt Lake City, Utah, Dallas, and Texas.

After working for a number of years for the Italian chain, and being taught how to cook Italian food, Chris and his brothers decided to venture out on their own. 

In 1981, Chris bought a franchise from Two Guys from Italy and opened for business in Wausau, Wisconsin. Some of Chris’ family also fanned out across the country opening up in various places.

During the early 1980s, while traveling from time to time across Wisconsin, Chris became convinced that the Fox Valley was where he wanted to start his own business and be independent.

Chris took the risk and the rest is history. 

He and his brothers opened the doors of Victoria’s Italian Cuisine on March 15, 1986.

Today, Chris and his wife Lizette are the proud owners of Victoria’s Italian Cuisine.