Loving Italian!




Dinner For 2 $50

Soup Or Salad | Appetizer | Wine | main course | Dessert

-No Substitutions-

your choice of any PASTA AND SAUCE from “BUILD YOUR OWN” PAGE AND YOUR CHOICE OF protein.

Salmon, Haddock, Veal, Meat Balls, Sausage, Chicken or Tenderloin.



Pasta Entrees  $40


Delivery & Carry Out Only

(Delivery charges apply)

920 730-9595


Party Trays


Each tray serves 5 people | Includes 5 garlic bread

Full menu available for pick-up or delivery.

Alfredo Sauce

Sicilian Sauce

Marco Polo Sauce

Alberto Sauce

Cacciatore Sauce

Pesto Sauce

Primavera Sauce

Pasquale Sauce

Palermo Sauce

Bianco Sauce

Mechi's Sauce



Primo Sauce

Noe's Sauce

Red Mushroom Sauce

Creation Sauce

Mushroom & Cream

Giovanni's Sauce

Artichoke Hearts

Garlic & Oil

Saltivoka Sauce

Feliz Sauce

Broccoli & Cream

Nona Sauce

Marsala Sauce

Broccoli, Garlic & Oil




Dinner for 4

-No Substitutions-

Carryout Only


4 Soups or 4 Salads | Bread | Pizza W/ 1 Topping

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